by Eighth Grade

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released November 27, 2012

Big Finn Records



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Eighth Grade Glendora, California

A hardcore punk band from Glendora, California

Danny Ryan- Vocals
Michael Beckner- Guitar/Vocals
Ely Martinez- Drums

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Track Name: Stopping the Fury of Dave Mustaine
I'm in a mangled state of mind
I've had too much work and too much down time
I'm a contradiction of myself
I'm dangerous to others and to my own health
I feel so stressed, I feel so shitty
I'm not sure if it's you, or this goddamn city
Nothing's wrong, yet nothing's right
I'm starting a riot within myself tonight (x2)

A silent rage fills my body
A silent hurt fills my heart
I want to take this anger out
And you might be just where I start (x2)

I want to rob from the rich and kill all the cops
Burn down banks and smash cars with rocks
Take down the white man and they'll see
What the word revolution really means
Track Name: This is a Load of Bull and Shit at the Same Time
What the fuck is this shit?
All I know is that I'm fucking pissed
Your choices, and your virtues
Affect me more, than they do you
I've lost touch, with all mankind
And this tank's been filling, and it's time
To light the fuse, to light the match
To let the fuck loose and not hold back

I'm locked inside
An empty room
I'm trapped inside
My future tomb
Punching and screaming
At the sky
Don't want to live
Just want to die

I'm trapped inside, my own life cell
I'm living in my mind, living in hell
I've resorted to talking, to myself
Because I have, no one else
What the fuck have you become?
All I know is that I'm fucking done

I'm locked inside
An empty room
I'm trapped inside
My future tomb
Punching and screaming
At the sky
Don't want to live
Just want to die

Fuck this
Fuck you (x4)
Track Name: See You Later Pizza Fucker
Who is this thief?
What is this debt?
Where will he end?
When will you love free?

You are a captive, a captive, to me
Without shackles or fear, you choose to be
I can take the stars for my own observatory
The beautiful un-grandeur, the stilted glory
Spread wide, stop youth pouring out
Children with loaded guns in the dark, screaming out
Into a night that won't cover their bones
To a pain that won't leave them alone

But it's fine, the river smothers this dress
Friend of mine, lie down with the rest

Come and dine, this is Valhalla for the kids with no plans
Thank you for the golden years, now watch me fail as a man
My cock is strong, my seed flies true
Into a crib still made for me and you
You will love this town for the rest of your life
& I will bury you in it, as my wife
No, as a lover without respect or trust
Now sell your soul up the river for my lust

But it's fine, the river smothers this dress
Friend of mine, lie down with the rest

I will die a thief
I will die a thief that turned a diamond into coal
Track Name: Matt Meyer is the Fire Expert
I work this dead end job for a salary of failure
Nothing will be accomplished as long as I'm here
I really need to break this fucking shell
Stop being so insecure and awkward as hell
But surrounded by these people, influenced this
Because its all cliques, close mindedness
Where to be typical is great, and to have a mind ignored
To where alcoholism is valued by the rich and the bored

I feel like I'm better, but I feel like I'm not
And I'm about to give up on everything I've fought
But the aspirations of people are for the status quo
I don't belong here, and I just want to know

Where do I go? Where do I stand?
California really is some sort of promise land
But how many of those promises are really kept?
When I'm destined to a life of loneliness and debt

But even so, for myself, I want to break out
For the smallest chance to end my own self doubt
But for now I'm stuck with half ass parties and cheap weed and beer
Stuck with Right Wingers who hate all queers

Stuck in a land of ignorance and fear
But this town's not free of evil, I'm standing right here.

And when this town kicks my ass and tries to win in this war
It'll grab me by the throat and then will throw me to the floor
It'll rape and strangle me, stomp in my fucking head
But this town won't have its way with me until I'm fucking dead
Track Name: Holy Mountain Dew
I have the same conversations
Day after day
I can't carry on
Living this way
My closest friends
No longer connect with me
It's either them or that
I'm my own worst enemy

I'm pissed at life
Pissed at myself
Pissed at my habits
At my own poor health
To me everyone else's
Motivations are short
I'm in the right
Even if it's seen as warped

But they really don't make
Any sense to me
With their bullshit trends
And insecurity
I'm too upset
for concentration
I'm too upset
for masturbation

I'm losing my mind
I'm going insane
I have more emotions harbored
Than I can contain

I'm just waiting for the moment that
God will shed his light on me,
and I will get down on my knees
I'll look at the sky and scream
What the fuck is planned for me?
and God if you're there, you'd stand up and fight
Because lately it seems you're doing nothing right